Wednesday, September 17

Golf Auction of Jack Fleck Collection (631 Items)

JACK FLECK DIED ON MARCH 21. At times it still doesn't seem real to me.

Jack called me a lot when I was working on my first book, THE LONGEST SHOT: Jack Fleck, Ben Hogan, and Pro Golf's Greatest Upset at the 1955 U.S. Open. We had great conversations. He told me a lot, some of which was not for publication. I'm glad he reached the point where he trusted me. I also usually saw Jack a couple of times a year at Champions Tour events.

Fleck's Ben Hogan 3 and 4 woods
and Tommy Armour driver.
Jack collected a lot of neat golf stuff during his 70-plus years as a golf professional. Now it's up for auction, including the two Ben Hogan fairway woods and the Tommy Armour driver he used in the 1955 U.S. Open, where he stunned four-time Open champion Ben Hogan in an 18-hole playoff. (In a strange twist, Jack was the first player to win with Hogan clubs, beating the legend himself.) I held those clubs in my hands at Jack's Fort Smith, Arkansas, home. Considering their age, they were in very good condition.

The current bid for the three woods at right is $1,650.

Of course, there's a lot more: Jack's contestant pin for the 1950 U.S. Open at Merion (where Hogan won after the near-fatal automobile accident), a signed letter to Jack from President Dwight Eisenhower, photos, various golf clubs, trophies and a plethora of other golf memorabilia.

The auction closes in 11 days.

UPDATE: Not all 631 items of the Jack Fleck Collection are available in this auction. There will be a total of four auctions leading up to the 2015 Masters. This is the first one.

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