Saturday, September 20

Golfweek Review, Matt Adams PGA Tour Radio Interview and More

Yours truly at book party on Thursday.
SHARING MORE OF THE MEDIA on my new book, DRAW IN THE DUNES: The 1969 Ryder Cup and the Finish That Shocked the World.

"I'm really, really enjoying your book, not only for the fact that it chronicles and details what happened in 1969 at that Ryder Cup, but because you provided context and history in essence for ... how we got to there. Very, very well done. I'm very much enjoying the read."
—Matt Adams, host of Fairways of Life on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, during September 18 interview with author

Click link to listen> Interview with Matt Adams, Fairways of Life, SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio

When you click the above link, you'll see Tom Watson. Then scroll at right to my interview (Neil Sagebiel, Golf Author) with Matt.

Golfweek review (September 20):
"In 'Draw in the Dunes,' Neil Sagebiel has authored a faithful account of a match of which only 3 minutes of TV footage exists. By speaking to many of the ’69 Cup participants, Sagebiel has breathed fresh life into the rich story of a competition that had been reduced to that one charitable act." Read entire review

Click link to listen> Interview with Gene Marrano of WFIR News Talk Radio 

Play by Play story (September 22 issue):
"For the non-golf fan, 'Draw in the Dunes' may require a learning curve to read, but the Floyd author does a good job of explaining the Ryder Cup format and the sport's lingo. Then he builds drama throughout 'Draw' as it heads towards The Concession." Read entire article

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