Friday, October 24

Ted Bishop Authors a Bad Golf Story

Ted Bishop
IT SEEMS TO HAPPEN DAILY. A tweet or a Facebook post or other social media message enters the digital world and wreaks unnecessary havoc.

Yesterday's social media fail was authored by PGA of America President Ted Bishop. Bishop, who was spending time with golf great and former European Ryder Cup captain Nick Faldo, took exception to comments written about Faldo in Ian Poulter's new book, NO LIMITS.

Bishop tweeted to Poulter: "Faldo's record stands by itself. Six majors and all-time RC points. Yours vs. His? Lil Girl."

Then the PGA leader took to Facebook:
"Used to be athletes who had lesser records or accomplishment in a sport never criticized the icons. Tom Watson (8 majors and 10-3-1 Ryder Cup record) and Nick Faldo (6 majors and all-time Ryder Cup points leader) get bashed by Ian Poulter. Really? Sounds like a school girl squealing during recess. C'MON MAN!"
In a statement released to Golf Channel, Poulter said:
"Is being called a 'lil girl' meant to be derogatory or a put down? That's pretty shocking and disappointing, especially coming from the leader of the PGA of America. No further comment."
Bishop deleted the tweet and post and the PGA of America called the messages "inappropriate."

This is no way to lead a sport that seeks to be more inclusive. "When will the struggling golf industry realize its sexism is terrible for business?" tweeted USA Today columnist Christine Brennan. Besides that, it's just plain silly to direct post-Ryder Cup frustrations at an opposing player for all the world to see.

Bishop has made himself the story. And that story is bad for golf.

5 comments: said...

Well said my friend. This is a total embarrassment to PGA members and our association.
As our leader, he should be setting an example not making guffs like this!!
Dick Tremblay 43 year member PGA of America

Farley said...

Yes he indeed should have been more guarded with his comments but can we please stop making every gaff into a cry for political correctness. I am sure "lil girls" will get over the blasphemy of his misstep. The golf industry is a 64 billion a year enterprise, more than football, baseball, basketball and hockey combined. The golf industry also donates more $$$ to charity than all 4 of the major sports combined as well. Leave us golfers alone and go cover Ray Rice if you want to pick a fight.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I don't think this is "a cry for political correctness." The comments were idiotic in a number of ways. If they had been from a player, that would be a bit different, but Ted Bishop is supposed to be a leader in golf, no? In any event, Bishop has now been dismissed by the PGA of America.

Brian Kuehn said...

We are often able to forgive those who err and offer a heart felt apology. There is not much sympathy for those who screw up and offer excuses or explanations. Mr. Bishop falls into the latter category and deserved his dismissal.

TB said...

When political correctness is taken to this extreme it sends a chilling message to everyone. One comment and a man's career is destroyed. It is madness.

Hopefully this country can start to recover some sense of perspective, maturity, reason and awareness of what is important - and away from the self-pity and self-absorption of a pampered elite.

Those who were 'outraged' by this remark have won: his career is over. It is they who should be ashamed. But they are not.