Friday, December 12

Fox Sports Debuts Golf Coverage at Franklin Templeton Shootout

MOVE OVER CBS, NBC AND GOLF CHANNEL. Or at least make room.

With its mega deal to telecast the U.S. Open, Fox Sports is jumping into golf in a big way. A trial run begins this week with the network's coverage of the Franklin Templeton Shootout.

The AP's Greg Handel reported:
For the first time, Fox Sports is getting into the golf business. Norman will join Joe Buck in the broadcast booth. They also will work the U.S. Open this summer. 
Fox will employ 73 microphones, 24 cameras, 10 replay machines, seven broadcasters and five audio mixers for the tournament. 
"I come at this as a guy who just loves the game and loves to play and loves to be out with friends and try to get better at this game," Buck said. "I've been doing this for a long time now and I've gone from being the kid and trying to prove myself in baseball and football to somebody who's done it for a long time and I think I understand TV. 
"Greg knows the golf part of it I think together we'll make this thing work."
Norman called the broadcast opportunity "one of the top five things he has done in his life."

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