Friday, December 5

Luke Donald's 63 Includes a Baboon

LUKE DONALD WAS IN TOP FORM at the Nedbank Golf Challenge in Sun City, South Africa, on Friday. Donald grabbed the 36-hole lead after a second-round 63 that included nine birdies, nine pars and one baboon.

As shown in the above video, the baboon loped across the fairway, startling Donald. Meanwhile, his caddie, Johnnie, was nonplussed.

"The fact that my caddy Johnnie didn't even flinch, makes my reaction look even more pathetic!!" Donald tweeted.

Later, Donald added: "Couple of things happened to me that haven't happened in a I shot 63, and two I let a baboon play thru on the course."

(H/T Geoff Shackelford)

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