Wednesday, December 10

My New Glasses From Golf Rx

Thanks Golf Rx for my new glasses.
AT LEFT ARE MY NEW GLASSES that were custom made by Golf Rx, a division of Sports Optical based in Denver, Colorado. They are everyday glasses that include transition lenses, although Golf Rx specializes in custom prescription sunglasses for golfers.

Optician and marketing director Kyle Ross initially reached out to me in September.

"We're a prescription lenscrafter in Denver, CO specializing in custom, handmade prescription golf eyewear," Kyle said in an email. "Long story short, crafting a prescription into curved, sport-format lenses is a delicate, highly-refined process and we do it quite well."

Kyle went on to say that his company would like to make a pair of glasses for me. That sounded great to me, so we got started.

Golf Rx has a wide range of choices,
including this style by Oakley.
Kyle asked me several questions about my preferences. As it turned out, I was more interested in a pair of everyday glasses rather than a pair of prescription sunglasses, whether Oakley, Mt. Falcon, Numa Optics or other frame choices (all available from Golf Rx).

After learning my preferences, Kyle shipped some frames for me to see, handle and try on. I made my selection, including lenses (progressive lenses with tinting). I provided my prescription, marked the lenses per Kyle's instructions and provided my pupillary distance (PD) measurement. It all went smoothly.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I really, really like my new glasses. The frames are lightweight and my eyes quickly adjusted to my new prescription and new progressive lenses. The world looks better to me today.

Sponsored by Golf Rx.


Charlie J. Lawrence said...

Looking sharp in those specs!! One of my uncles got his glasses from Sports Optical and he raves about them... This is the second time I'm hearing about them, must be a good thing! Thanks for the research!

The Armchair Golfer said...

Thanks, Charles.