Wednesday, February 25

Will Love Cure My Ryder Cup Fatigue?

I HAVE RYDER CUP FATIGUE. To be honest, I don't feel like talking about it. At least not about the US of A. But I do feel obligated. That's because the PGA of America's ballyhooed 11-member task force, after just two meetings, has announced its choice for U.S. Ryder Cup captain in 2016.

Davis Love III will get another turn
as U.S. Ryder Cup captain. (Edelman)
Davis Love III.

OK, fine. No, really, I'm OK with this selection.

I felt that Love did a great job in 2012. He was considered to be positively brilliant until his squad coughed up a commanding 10-6 lead on Sunday at Medinah.

Was that Love's fault? Um, no.

Love is a solid choice for 2016. A "company" man, so to speak, AND a players' captain. It should help the U.S. captain and his team that next time is a home game, but don't count on it. For a very long time, Europe has been better, period. That might continue. And yes, the U.S. players must play better if they want to win. The captain can only do so much.

Will they throw Davis under the team bus if the United States loses at Hazeltine in 2016?

Probably. I'm afraid so. That's what always seems to happen. It makes me sad.

For now, though, a new captain has been selected and all is well in Palm Beach Gardens. Maybe we can all finally move on from that U.S. loss five months ago. Please?

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Average Golfer said...

Derek Sprague's the new PGA Prez. Wonderful guy from a course near here. I had a lesson from him and he truly came through for me when I formed a fledgling amateur golf association. I'm well acquainted with him. Truly I was hoping he'd make a bigger splash. Nary a ripple so far, but it's early.