Wednesday, February 10

Called Shot: The Artful Golfer's Fourth Ace

I KNOW HIM AS THE ARTFUL GOLFER, who for many years documented his golf journey at a blog by the same name. And what a journey it has been. A disciple of Fred Shoemaker (Extraordinary Golf) and others, Richard experienced rapid improvement in this difficult game.

He shares some of his golf story below, including how he "called" his fourth ace on a California golf course in November 2013.

The Artful Golfer
Approaching the age of 50, I took up the game of golf. Improvement came quickly, first breaking 80, then breaking par one year after increasing my play to twice per week. I lowered my handicap to 8 in my first year, 4 in my second year, then 2 after two more years. I eventually reached a low index of 1.4 with a low round of 68.

I accomplished this without taking lessons or focusing on technology or technique. Instead, I approached the game creatively, learning to improve my inner game and discover my natural swing. I pursued the game of golf as art.

November 23, 2013.

Standing on the 176-yard par 3 13th tee at San Luis Rey Downs, I turned to my friend's 13-year-old son, Matthew, who was just tagging along with our foursome.

Without forethought, I asked Matthew, "Have you ever seen a hole-in-one?"

He answered no.

So, I replied, "Watch this."

I then teed up my Callaway, hit a solid 6-iron and watched it draw right towards the flag. I could tell it had landed close to the hole, but a front-side bunker hid the ball from sight. We figured I'd have an easy tap-in birdie, but I just I had this feeling!

As we approached the green, we didn't see my ball. Maybe it went over the back of the green?

With great anticipation, Matthew ran up and looked in the hole. I'll never forget the look on his face when he saw my ball sitting at the bottom!

Just like Babe [Ruth], I called it!

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