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Portugal, an Idyllic Golf Destination and Lifestyle

IN THE SOUTH OF THE SMALL COUNTRY of Portugal, situated in a corner of Europe, is the region of Algarve.

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This paradise is considered to be among the best golf destinations in the world, according to various magazines and international associations. It has marvelous golf courses with breathtaking sceneries and pleasant architecture, both near the sea and the mountains. It is also possible to play golf under sunny skies for nearly the entire year.

Nowadays, Algarve is visited by golf lovers from around the world, including some who come every year. Those who share this passion might want to consider making Portugal their residence and enjoy the great benefits the Portuguese tax system has recently created. 

A Tax Friendly Lifestyle

This tax sets out a new income tax regime for non-usual residents within the scope of personal income tax (IRS). This regime offers a number of benefits and extremely favorable conditions to anyone wishing to settle in Portugal, and is also appropriate for emigrants wishing to return to Portugal. The measure is principally aimed at attracting foreign investments and investors. 

The new arrangement also makes Portugal a tax-free jurisdiction for individuals with pensions. And individuals can also benefit from income obtained through business, professional activity, interest and dividends.

These benefits cover high value-added activities, which can receive a special rate of 20%. The only requirement is to become a Portuguese tax resident.

Investors and retired people from around the world have, in Portugal, the opportunity to create a quality lifestyle for the whole family and also benefit from this new measure, which could allow them to live almost without paying taxes.

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