Wednesday, March 16

Arnold's Week 'One More Time'

ARNOLD PALMER DOESN'T LOOK WELL. I've seen a few recent snaps of him and it's worrying. His tournament, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, starts tomorrow at Bay Hill. Palmer will be around, but he's not up for his usual media conference or holding court in any other public way.

Back in the day: the Palmer finish.
In addition, when the Masters is played in a few weeks, Arnie won't hit a ceremonial tee shot alongside pals Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, although he does plan to attend the tournament and Champions Dinner. That's sad. Golf's greatest ambassador is fading from view.

Ron Green Jr. penned a fine column on "The King" in the current edition of Global Golf Post titled "Hat's Off To Arnie." Here's a snippet:
This week is the PGA Tour's moment with Palmer. It could be just another stop on a 47-event schedule but this is the only Tour event with a living legend's name on it. He loves Bay Hill, having found it in the late 1960s, and he turned it into his second home, a winter retreat from Latrobe, Pa. 
It's where he's kept a relatively small condominium just a short walk from the lodge and if you were around the neighborhood when the tournament wasn't in town, you might have seen Palmer out for a walk with his dog, Mulligan. 
It wasn't long ago that Mulligan passed away. 
Nothing lasts forever. Not even Arnold Palmer.
This is his week. One more time.
Read Green's column.

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