Tuesday, March 15

Introducing 'Par 3 Near Me' Plus My Interview

PAR 3 NEAR ME (located at Par3NearMe.com) is a par-3 directory founded by Josh Waldron, who runs a par-3 golf course in Waynesboro, Virginia, not far from where I live.

Josh says, "I launched Par 3 Near Me in late 2015. The site was born out of a vision to help push more traffic to smaller golf courses, as I believe they offer a number of advantages to beginners, professionals, families, ladies, seniors, and those who have time or budget limitations."

Josh reached out and interviewed me a few weeks ago. Read the interview here.

Here's an excerpt:
Q: I know you're a busy guy. Thanks for making time for this interview. I want to start by asking you how you became connected to the game of golf. What's your golf story? 
Neil: I started playing when I was about 12, not long after we moved to California from Indiana. My dad was a golfer. I tagged along and got the bug. When I was a ninth grader, I went out for the high school golf team. We were terrible, but got better. I played all four years. I spent much of my summers playing golf at our local 9-hole course. 
Q: You've been managing the Armchair Golf Blog since 2005. In just over ten years, you've contributed nearly 3,000 golf posts, which is quite impressive. How do you find the time and energy to post so regularly? What are your favorite golf topics to write about? 
Neil: Two things help me keep the blog going. One, I'm self-employed, so I have a lot of freedom to manage my schedule. Two, I'm a writer, professionally. I think that makes it a bit easier to write and edit content. It's what I do. My favorite topics are writing about players, tournaments and golf history. I also enjoy the occasional oddball story.
I hope to meet Josh this spring or summer and play his par-3 course, along with my brother and 89-year-old father.

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