Tuesday, March 29

Louis Oosthuizen: Using 14 Clubs and 1 Mattress

SOME PEOPLE TRAVEL WITH A FAVORITE pillow. Louis Oosthuizen travels with his favorite mattress. No, really.

Louis Oosthuizen
This item from GolfChannel.com's Ryan Lavner:
Tired of dealing with hotel beds that are either too firm or too soft for his liking, Oosthuizen gets his own mattress loaded onto an equipment truck and dropped off at his hotel each week on Tour. 
"Some weeks I use it, some weeks I don't," he said after losing, 5 and 4, to Jason Day in the WGC-Dell Match Play final. "If there's a mattress at the hotel that I’m not comfortable with, I'll use my mattress."
Pillows are relatively small, whereas mattresses are large and unwieldy. You can't put one in a bag or carry it under your arm. But that's not Louis's concern; it's his manager's problem.

"It's a piece of cake,” Louis Martin of International Sports Management said, laughing. "But if it makes him play better, I'm happy to do it."

Despite all of the conditioning -- including special exercise and golf equipment -- and despite all of the athleticism and strength of modern tour professionals, backs continue to take an inordinate amount of abuse and are often highlighted in golf news.

Does this suggest inherent flaws in the modern golf swing?

Beyond Tiger Woods and his well-documented injuries, I haven't thought a lot about it. But I'm thinking about it now. And I expect Brandel Chamblee has plenty to say on the subject.

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BrofessionalGolfer said...

The dude won the Masters, I guess he can do whatever he wants and we have to sit back and respect it.