Friday, July 1

3 Handicap Ken Griffey Jr.: 'My Baseball Swing Messes Up My Golf Swing'

BASEBALL GREAT KEN GRIFFEY JR. is headed for the Hall of Fame, but he is also headed to the golf course because that's what he does in retirement. And he's good, real good.

From Ben Reiter's article, Griffey talked about his golf experience: "He plays golf— a lot of golf.  He had recently returned from a four-day, 121-hole trip to Bandon Dunes, in Oregon. He's yet to play Augusta, but not because of its exclusivity. "I can get there," he says. "I just ain't had a chance to go."

Griffey Jr. on his golf handicap: "I'm a 13… Am I a 13? No. But I want you to write that… [Later, he admits] I'm a three. But when you write this, it's gotta be a 13." [The USGA indicates that he is a three.]

Griffey Jr. on why he's reluctant to swing a baseball bat these days: "The whole thing is, my baseball swing messes up my golf swing… It'll take me literally three days to get it back."

Read the entire interview.

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