Monday, July 11

U.S. Women's Open: Brittany Lang Wins in Playoff After USGA Penalizes Anna Nordqvist

AS YOGI BERRA FAMOUSLY SAID, it was "deja vu all over again" for the USGA at the U.S. Women's Open. A late penalty was assessed on a player who had a chance to win the trophy and the USGA president botched the award ceremony.

Brittany Lang hoists the trophy at the U.S. Women's Open.
(Copyright USGA/John Mummert)
This wasn't Oakmont, though. This was CordeValle.

Brittany Lang defeated Anna Nordqvist in a three-hole aggregate playoff to win the U.S. Women's Open, her first major victory. A polite but displeased Nordqvist questioned the USGA's timing of the penalty. And USGA president Diana Murphy called the winner "Bethany" repeatedly. She later apologized.

It's unfortunate that Nordqvist's club touched the sand at such a crucial moment in the competition (apparently only visible on HD), but you have to wonder what else could go wrong for the USGA this summer?

Read the New York Times story by Karen Crouse.

Crouse wrote this about the penalty:
On the second hole of the playoff, Nordqvist touched the sand in the hazard while hitting her second shot, an infraction caught on the video replay. Nordqvist, who thought she was tied with Lang going into the third hole, was not informed of the two-stroke penalty until after she had hit her third shot on the par-5 18th. 
The violation effectively handed the tournament to Lang, who received the news before she hit her third shot, allowing her to play it safe and aim for the fat part of the green. Lang two-putted for an aggregate score of even par to win her first major title. A shaken Nordqvist made a bogey on the 18th to finish at three over.


Alex said...

It is amazing how these kinds of penalties can be spotted these days. In the past , a penalty like this would have never been called. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the tournament even though she was my favorite player :(.

Oneunder said...

I this really good for the game. HD video replays, what's next ? Atomic microscopes ? I think that if they can not find and call an infraction of this nature before the players next shot, so be it.