Tuesday, August 30

PGA TOUR'S Doug Milne: 'Just Start, Then Make'

The PGA TOUR'S Doug Milne with World No. 1 Jason Day at The Barclays. (Image courtesy of Doug Milne)

PGA TOUR Media Official Doug Milne shared the following reflection on Facebook and granted permission to publish it here.

By Doug Milne


When I started on August 26, 1991, I was like a kid with a piggy bank thrown onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Understandably, most in our Baymeadows office all but rioted at the thought of me lasting 25 days. I was openly in league with the naysayers.

Things, however, turned out a bit differently. It was the greatest bet I ever lost.

The prospect of a career in the golf business didn't discourage me as much as the fear of stepping into an arena I knew nothing about.

I've come to find real value in two ideas. The first is this: just start. The rest will take care of itself. I did. And, it is. The second thing I came to realize is that life is never there for the taking, but always available for the making. "Ya got whatcha got," I came to find, isn't always the disheartening echo off a brick wall.

We're often asked, "Where were you when….?" As I have been with the TOUR more than half of my life, odds are I was with the PGA TOUR "when."

[The above] picture with Jason Day, the world's No. 1 player, was taken Saturday at Bethpage State Park in New York. When I started working at the TOUR, he was three. I've had the pleasure of watching players like him take a step similar to mine into this arena, nervous and uncertain, then rise above.

And also like me, Jason just started. While his talent on the course may have resulted in slightly fewer bets against his future in golf as there were against mine, the premise levels all playing fields. Just start. Then, make.

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