Friday, September 2

The Club Twirls of Tiger Woods

THERE HAVE BEEN A LOT of Tiger Woods memories this week marking Tiger's 20-year anniversary as a PGA Tour professional. As for me, I'll just offer his trademark club twirls*, courtesy of Skratch TV. The club twirl suited Tiger because, you know, he hit so many good shots. So happy anniversary, Tiger.

And for the rest of us, here's hoping our holiday weekend is worthy of a club twirl or two.

*There are also his trademark fist pumps, but that's another video.


Peter said...

Nice twirls ;) I've been reading your blog for a couple months now, after reading 'Draw in the Dunes'!

The Armchair Golfer said...

That's great! Thank you so much, Peter.

David said...

Twirls love this blog. I have been reading your posts for several months. Truly appreciate your posts. Keep up the great work!