Tuesday, September 13

VIDEO: UC Davis Golfer Finishes by Light of Cell Phones

SOMETIMES YOU RUN OUT OF LIGHT trying to finish a round.

That was the case on Saturday for Ben Corfee of UC Davis. Corfee and his teammates were playing in the Rod Myers Invitational at Duke University. By the time he reached the 18th green, it was pretty dark.

The two other players in the group decided to come back on Sunday. Not Corfee, who got some help from a small gallery that shined their cell phone lights on the green.

"It was a combination of teammates, volunteers, fellow competitors, etc., all spontaneous," said UC Davis golf coach Cy Williams.

The UC Davis golfer looked over the 10-footer, took his stance and rapped it home.

The putt was for a 77. Not Corfee's best score, but certainly memorable.

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