Monday, October 10

Aching Backs on the PGA Tour


The PGA Tour is not the National Football League (not even close), where the league continually updates an extensive injury list. That said, professional golf does have its walking wounded, many of which are suffering with compromised backs.

The most famous example is Tiger Woods. There is good news this week: Tiger will return to the PGA Tour after more than a year off from tournament competition.

There is also bad news. Top-ranked players Jason Day, 28, and Justin Rose, 36, are nursing back injuries and out of action. reported:
Jason Day's back injury will cause him to miss two tournaments in his native Australia next month. Day announced on Thursday that he will miss the Emirates Australian Open Nov. 17-20 at Royal Sydney and the World Cup of Golf Nov. 24-27 at Kingston Heath in Melbourne.
"I regret that I will be unable to come home to Australia this year," Day said.

Rose, the Olympic gold medal winner, is suffering with a herniated disc. He explained his situation last week on Twitter.

I don't know that we've learned anything new. Golf is hard on backs. Especially the backs of modern PGA Tour pros who swing with maximum speed and force. They pound golf balls all day long. And they fly and drive millions of miles and sleep in different beds and hotels around the world.

Their backs are bound to revolt.

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