Monday, June 5

Roberto De Vicenzo: 'If You Hurry, Then Nothing Seems to Go Right'

ARGENTINE ROBERTO DE VICENZO, a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, died on June 1 at the age of 94.

"The world will always remember Roberto De Vicenzo for what he lost, not for what he won," wrote the World Golf Hall of Fame, "for that careless mistake he made at the 1968 Masters, signing an incorrect scorecard that had him making a par and not a birdie on the 17th hole that Sunday afternoon, and, thus, his uttering of the immortal golf quote, 'What a stupid I am.'"

Based on his record and by all accounts I've read, De Vicenzo was a wonderful golfer and a wonderful man.

De Vicenzo won more than 230 golf tournaments worldwide, including six on the PGA Tour and the 1967 Open Championship at Hoylake where he outdueled Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. He finished in the top five in 490 tournaments. In 1980 he won the U.S. Senior Open at the age of 57.

De Vicenzo practiced hard and focused on pace, saying, "If you hurry, then nothing seems to go right."

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