Tuesday, February 26

FEHERTY VIDEO: Fred Couples Names His Golf Idols


It depends on your generation.

Fred Couples, 59, loved players of an earlier era. And not just the obvious ones named Arnold and Jack.

Monday, February 25

RIP Gene Littler, U.S. Open and U.S. Amateur Winner and Member of World Golf Hall of Fame

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I had the pleasure of watching Gene play with other golf legends when he was in his late 70s and spoke to him on a couple of occasions. He was a man of few words. He let his sticks do the talking. His golf swing was simple, effective and beautiful. They called him "Gene the Machine" in his heyday.

Littler is prominently featured in both of my golf books, so I had good reasons to attempt conversations with him, once in a locker room in Savannah, Georgia, and a few years later in a hotel lobby in Hickory, North Carolina.

One thing I learned while I was writing THE LONGEST SHOT: In 1955 golf luminaries like Gene Sarazen said Gene Littler would be the next Ben Hogan. Why? He was winning a lot of tournaments and THAT swing.

From the obituary in the New York Times:
In his prime, though self-taught, he had  a "perfect swing," said Gene Sarazen, a winner of seven major championships. "Like Sam Snead’s, only better."
Littler was typically self-effacing in assessing his form. "I just put the ball down and hit," he once said.
Unassuming and devoid of glamour in an era dominated by Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, and relatively unimposing at 5 foot 9 and 160 pounds or so, Littler simply went about winning tournaments: 29 on the PGA Tour and another eight on what was then the Senior PGA Tour.
Littler, who lost two other majors in playoffs and another by one stroke, was a seven-time Ryder Cup player and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1990.
Littler's Hall-of-Fame career included 29 PGA Tour wins, one of which was the 1961 U.S. Open. As mentioned, he also excelled on several U.S. Ryder Cup squads.

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Monday, February 18

VIDEO: J.B. Holmes Wins Genesis Open in a Kentucky Waltz

J.B. HOLMES OUTLASTED FELLOW KENTUCKIAN Justin Thomas to win the Genesis Open at storied Riviera Country Club. But the final round took forever, thanks to an unapologetic Holmes.

Brian Wacker reported at GolfDigest.com:
The final threesome of Holmes, Thomas and Adam Scott played in 5 hours, 29 minutes. Most of the slow-rolling came at the hand of Holmes, long considered one of the biggest culprits in the game of playing at a glacial pace, as he plumb-bobbed and dawdled his way around Riviera.
Not that he seemed to mind.
"Well, you play in 25-mile-an-hour gusty winds and see how fast you play when you’re playing for the kind of money and the points and everything that we’re playing for," Holmes replied when asked about the topic following the victory. "You can't just get up there and whack it when it’s blowing that hard."
Holmes shot a 70 on Sunday to finish 14 under, one ahead of Thomas who skied to a 75 in his final round. It was the first PGA Tour win in three years and fourth career victory for Holmes.

Friday, February 15

Golf Swing Friday: Kent State Women's Golf

Wednesday, February 13

The Golf Ball Guide: Finding a Fit (Conclusion)

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WITH SO MANY OPTIONS and a lot of information to grasp, finding the perfect golf ball for your game might seem daunting.

But there's also this piece of good news: It's nearly impossible to go wrong in today's market because all the major companies make top-quality golf balls.

A good starting point is to assess your golf abilities and aspirations.

Are you a beginner, high handicapper, or "average" golfer?

You might want to focus on the durability, distance and straightness offered by quality two-piece golf balls. Plus, they're more economical. The right distance and lower-spin golf ball will put you in the fairway more often and shorten those second shots.

If your'e a more skilled golfer, then spin and accuracy from the fairway to the green—and heightened feel on little pitches, chip shots and putts—will probably lead you to a premium multi-piece golf ball. The right one could definitely elevate your game and lower your score.

"Size up your game by understanding your strengths and weaknesses," said expert reviewer Bob Gomavitz, "and by also knowing your club speed before choosing your next ball."

Gomavitz also suggests doing additional homework, whether visiting websites of golf ball manufacturers or attending a ball fitting. It's certainly not mandatory, but you might be the type of person who enjoys the process.

Perhaps the smartest move is to simply try out several golf balls in practice and on the golf course. Hit all the shots: drives, full irons, wedges, short pitches, bunker shots, chips and putts. Note the performance and feel as you try different balls. A favorite ball or two should emerge from your informal testing.

In the end, as Gomavitz said, "Go have some fun!" That's a worthy goal for every golfer.

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Monday, February 11

VIDEO: Phil Mickelson Collects Fifth Win at Pebble Beach in Monday Finish

THAT AGELESS WONDER PHIL MICKELSON won again, besting runner-up Paul Casey by three shots at the AT&T Pebble Pro-Am. He shot a 65 in the final round that had to be completed on Monday. Casey had a 71. Scott Stallings (66) finished third.

Mickelson now has five wins at Pebble Beach and 44 for his career. Not bad for a Hall of Famer nearing 50 and still playing with the youngsters on the PGA Tour.

"It's a lot more work and effort to play at this level," Lefty said at PGATOUR.COM. "I have believed for some time that if I play at my best, it will be good enough to win tournaments here. The challenge is getting myself to play my best.

"It's a lot more work off the course, it's more time in the gym, it's more time eating, it's more time focusingit's all these things that go into it, and so it's very gratifying to see the results and to finish it off the way I did."

The focused work has Mickelson swinging the club faster and driving the ball farther. His putting has also improved.

The victory lifted Phil to No. 17 in the world rankings.

Wednesday, February 6

VIDEO: Bernhard Langer Reveals Off-Season Gym Routine

BERNHARD LANGER IS A GOLF LEGEND, especially when it comes to longevity.

The 61-year-old man just keeps on winning golf tournaments. This Golf Channel video demonstrates a small part of Langer's fitness regimen that contributes to his success.

The five-time Charles Schwab Cup champion takes you through his off-season workout program using 20-pound weights. Take note. I think it's something many people could imitate.

Tuesday, February 5

The Golf Ball Guide: Golf Ball Care

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TODAY'S GOLF BALLS ARE very durable and offer consistent performance thanks to advances in technology and the highest-quality manufacturing standards.

That said, there are simple things golfers can do to get the most from this essential piece of equipment.

During and after play, clean your golf ball to remove any dirt, mud, grass stains, or other material. And clean it often, like when you get to the green (after marking) and/or before you begin playing a new hole. It only takes a few seconds.

Why be so fussy about golf ball cleanliness?

Because flight, direction and roll are adversely affected when a golf ball carries foreign debris. For the same performance reasons, remove a golf ball from play if you see scuffs, cuts and other imperfections.

A pro tip for keeping your golf balls warm: Place a towel in the bottom of a large pot and fill the pot with two quarts of very hot tap water. Soak golf balls for 30 minutes. Then dry the balls and store them in air-tight food bags. On the golf course, rotate your golf balls every few holes to keep them as warm as possible. This will improve performance.


The Golf Ball Guide: Introduction
The Golf Ball Guide: Golf Ball Construction
The Golf Ball Guide: Golf Ball Categories and Brands
The Golf Ball Guide: Two-Piece Golf Balls
The Golf Ball Guide: Multi-Piece Golf Balls
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