Wednesday, July 24

Detroit Free Press Investigated Pollution Caused by Golfers Hitting Thousands of Golf Balls Into Lake Michigan

AS REPORTED BY THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, a premier Michigan golf course encouraged golfers to whack golf balls into Lake Michigan. They've obliged for 20 years, sending thousands of balls into the expansive waters.
"Go ahead and do it, everyone does," the prestigious Arcadia Bluffs golf course urged on its website as recently as last Tuesday, in its description of the 12th hole on its Bluffs Course, on a cliff overlooking Lake Michigan. 
"Once you've launched a ball into Lake Michigan, on purpose, turn your attention to the native bunker on the right side of the fairway as it is your aiming point on the tee shot."
This is plastics pollution, cried environmental advocates. They used words like "shocking," "ridiculous" and "frivolous" to voice their disappointment.

"Golf balls are made out of plastic and rubber," said an environmental law expert. "You are basically putting plastic waste into a Great Lake. That's illegal. You're not supposed to do that."

Arcadia Bluffs has since removed the Lake Michigan language from its website.

This is not a good look for a golf course whose mission statement says it will "maintain the highest environmental respect for the entire property."

I imagine they are not alone.

It also makes one think about the millions of lost golf balls scattered across America and the entire planet. They will not be decomposing anytime soon.

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