Saturday, July 13

Matt Kuchar on Difficult Year: 'An Opportunity to Learn to Be More Generous'

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AS JOEL BEALL WRITES AT GOLFDIGEST.COM, it's been a hard year for Matt Kuchar, despite two wins for the 41-year-old tour veteran and current leader in the FedEx Cup standings.

Kuchar's reputation as a perpetually smiling good guy took a nosedive beginning in January when "Kooch" paid local caddie David Ortiz a pittance after his victory at the Mayakoba Golf Classic. The situation festered until Kuchar eventually wrote a much larger check to Ortiz and issued a public apology.

There were a couple more incidents during this season that challenged the perception of Kuchar as "Mr. Nice Guy."

Kuchar, who isn't on social media, knew things were in a new phase of bad when he started hearing from his grandmother. "Just the fact that she had called me to say, 'I can’t believe what they're saying' was hard," he said, as quoted by Beall.

Beall also quoted Kuchar on the takeaway:

"You know, whether it's home with the family, with the kids, with the wife, with the fans, with you name it, there's just so many opportunities to be more generous," Kuchar said, "and that's one of the things you learn. Sometimes the setbacks are hard, but those are the lessons that you tend to learn from and come out better from.

"You don't learn from victories very often; you learn from your setbacks. And I look at all this as an opportunity to learn to be more generous across the board."

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