Tuesday, July 9

'Never Three-Putt Again!' and Other Golf Marketing Hype

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MAYBE THEY THINK WE ARE FOOLS. Maybe we should be insulted.

I'm referring to the golf equipment and instruction industry and its relentless marketing machine. We're fools if we believe the constant hype, such as more distance, more forgiveness, more whatever.

Perhaps the silliest one  and dare I say an insult to any golfer's intelligence  "Never three-putt again!"


I can name nearly 50 players on the PGA Tour who have three-putted this year. WITHIN FIVE FEET OF THE HOLE. See for yourself.

Several on the list have three-putted two dozen times or more during the current season.

So go ahead. Buy that putter, that gadget, that lesson. But please don't buy that ridiculous promise. Don't be a fool.

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