Thursday, August 22

Rory McIlroy on FedEx Cup Finale: 'Is [This] the Best Way to Do It?'

THE 30 HORSES ARE OUT OF THE GATE at East Lake Golf Club in the Tour Championship, the finale of the FedEx Cup Playoffs. The winner will take home the Cup and $15 million.

OK, so they're actually elite golfers, not racehorses. But imagine for a moment they are thoroughbreds. Let's pretend we're watching the Kentucky Derby and horses are spotted a lead, even a rather larger lead, over other horses.

In effect, that's the situation this week at East Lake in these revamped playoffs.

Rory McIlroy shared this thought with the media:
"If the FedEx Cup really wants to have this legacy in the game, like some of these other championships do, is people starting the tournament on different numbers the best way to do it?"
And Rory said this about the money:
"One of the things that I've talked about over the past couple of years is I don't think the money needs to be front and center, because I don't think that's what the fans care about. Players might care about it, and we want to be rewarded and paid for what we do. But at the same time, competitively, it's not about that. It’s about trying to win golf tournaments."
Meanwhile, FedEx Cup leader Justin Thomas, who started the Tour Championship with the lead at 10 under, still holds the lead, currently 11 under.

Other players are moving up from the pack, while some are falling off the pace. But there's still a long way to go before they reach the home stretch.

(H/T Geoff Shackelford)

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