Thursday, September 5

Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm Highlighted in Report on Age in Six Sports

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A NEW REPORT CALLED FINISHING ON A HIGH looks at six sports since 2000 to determine the perfect age to prosper as a sports star and whether age is just a number.

In the section called "Title Winners Beyond Average Age of Retirement," the report mentioned Tiger Woods:
Tiger Woods, golf - An improbable comeback at the Masters was a true sporting fairytale considering everything that had happened in Woods' life. At the age of 43, he proved he can still mix it with the best and since the turn of the century only Phil Mickelson has won a major at the same age. Only five players have won titles in their 40s in the last 20 years so it may be unlikely that we see Tiger win a big one again.
"Already, the age for being at peak is getting older," commented Jacky Forsyth, Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology at Staffordshire University. "Maybe this is more to do with a societal change than a technological/treatment change.

"There have been medical advancements and we have a better understanding of how the body responds and adapts to training. There is also the idea that, for endurance sports, an older age is preferable since, with aging, the body responds more to endurance training in terms of muscle tissue and cellular adaptation."

Don't be surprised if the world's next big golf star is Jon Rahm, according to the report:
John Rahm, golf - Statistics show that male golfers begin to peak at the age of 25 and can enjoy success for around 10 years before slipping away at 35. Rahm turns 25 later this year and has impressed in recent majors without breaking his duck. Expect the big-hitting Spaniard to go on a run of success in the coming years.

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