Thursday, October 31

CBS Golf Shakeup: McCord, Kostis Are Gone; Love Is On the Air


The 33-year broadcast veteran was axed by CBS Sports last weekend. So was on-course reporter Peter Kostis, who spent 27 years with CBS.

A CBS spokesperson said: "Gary and Peter have been an important part of our golf coverage for three decades. They were both outstanding teammates and we thank them for their significant contributions throughout the years. We wish them both all the best."

Meanwhile, McCord was caught off guard and unhappy about how it went down, according to a Golfworld report by David Shedloski:

"He [Sean McManus] tells me, and he told Peter the same thing, that 'We think CBS golf is getting a little stale, and we need to go in another direction,'" McCord said. "I've been called a lot of things, but one thing I've never been called is stale."

McCord was also quoted as saying: "You just don't do something like this. You shouldn't do it this way. No chance to say thanks to the viewers, to all my CBS friends? That's what you get for 35 years?"

That new direction for the CBS golf team will include Davis Love III, who will climb into the booth as a full-time golf analyst for PGA Tour events and two majors, the Masters and PGA Championship. Love is a buddy of CBS golf producer Lance Barrow.

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