Thursday, October 10

VIDEO: Montana Boys Finish in Snow to Decide State 2A Golf Championship

THE MONTANA BOYS 2A  HIGH SCHOOL GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP had some extra drama -- snow. As you can see above, the boys kept playing as the Meadow Lark Country Club in Great Falls went from green to white. Due to the snowy conditions, some chipped on the green. Others cleared a path to attempt a putt.

Richard Ecke shot the above footage that's making the rounds on social media and golf sites. (I saw the above clip on my Twitter feed.)

More from Ecke:

"I filmed it at 3:15 pm MDT Tuesday at the close of a two-day golf tournament at Meadow Lark Country Club, Gt Falls MT. The weather was fine Monday and mild until about 11 am Tuesday when the snow began. The late players were losing balls in the snow. COLD!"

And if you're wonder why they're playing Montana high school golf in October, here you go:

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Fred Layman said...

They both are try to finish the game with their professional way but Snowy session create some problems. But they finish as well. Good job guys.