Saturday, November 30

Davis Love III: 'I Think If [Tiger's] Healthy, He Goes to 100 Wins'

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Davis Love III, host of the RSM Classic and new CBS Golf guy, made a bold statement about Tiger Woods, as quoted at

"I think if he's healthy, he goes to 100 wins," Love said.

And this:

"He hasn't really gotten going good. See, I think he's different than Jack [Nicklaus]. He won the Masters at, what, 46, right? But he wasnt' really playing full time. If he was playing good he could win any time. And Greg [Norman] was sort of the same way and he just kind of stopped playing.

"Tiger Woods isn't going to sit around. I think he's going to go for 100. But if he gets hurt again … every time he gets hurt it"s just going to get harder and harder. But if he stays healthy. ..."

And also this:

"My same old argument, and I've told him this, is if he just played a couple more tournaments and got in a rhythm when he's healthy, he could win [more]. I've watched him more from the inside the last few years, and he doesn't let up on anything."

Wow. That's a big number, even for Tiger.

I'm not seeing it. I'm not sure Tiger can physically compete enough to have the number of opportunities he'd need to win another 18 PGA Tour events. And, unless he plays the PGA Tour well into his fifties, time is running out.

But I've doubted Tiger before and he has done the unimaginable. Namely, win the 2019 Masters to end an 11-year drought in the majors and recently draw even with Sam Snead at 82 tour victories.

Back to the leftovers.

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