Thursday, February 20

How Dr. George Franklin Grant's Small Improvement Revolutionized Golf


That's the way it was until men such as Dr. George Franklin Grant (1846-1910) arrived on the scene in the late 19th century.

Dr. Grant was an African American who, in 1899, patented an improved wooden tee that "consisted of a wood cone with a rubber sleeve to support the ball," according to Wikipedia.

(Dr. Grant was also the first African American professor at Harvard and a Boston dentist.)

Now golf balls fly prodigious distances. But it wouldn't be so without a small improvement conceived more than a century ago.

More from the USGA:
Dr. George Grant and Evolution of the Golf Tee

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Oneunder said...

Neil your comments are very specific and on target. This one little subject has been quite controversial over time. When I wrote my piece a few years back I received a number on unpleasant emails even though what I posted were Dr. Grant's own words.