Wednesday, April 15

National Golf Foundation: 48% of Golf Courses Remain Open

JUPITER, FL – The National Golf Foundation's latest nationwide poll of golf facilities indicates that approximately 48% of courses are currently allowing play amid the coronavirus pandemic, with significant regional differences.

The NGF's special webpage,, is dedicated to continuing research on the effects of the coronavirus on golf and features the latest data and information on course operational status, government orders, consumer sentiment, and more.

NGF's ongoing national tracking of golf facilities is more robust than ever, providing an overview of course openings and temporary closures through the most nationally-representative sample in the industry.

"Numbers this high continue to blow some people away," NGF President and CEO Joe Beditz said. "Let's not forget that golf exists in abundance outside of city centers, and that many of those locales do not have government restrictions in place."

Also new this week is an updated map detailing the significant regional differences in golf operations as well as open/closed breakouts for several states, including golf-rich locales like Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina. These surveys involve contacting every facility within those states in a single day to assess their operational status.

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