Thursday, April 9

Tiger Woods: 'Masters Champions Dinner Quarantine Style. Nothing Better Than Being With Family'

LIKE EVERYTHING IN LIFE RIGHT NOW, the Masters has to wait, along with all the Masters festivities such as the Champions Dinner, where 2019 champion Tiger Woods planned to serve fajitas, sushi and milkshakes.

But that didn't stop Tiger from having his own family-style celebration. In the above photo, Tiger is flanked by girlfriend Erica Herman and his children, Sam and Charlie.

The 2020 Masters has been rescheduled to November. That will be a weird and wonderful time to hold the Masters. Wonderful because if it happens, that means life will be getting back to normal. And because the Masters is still the Masters.

Be safe and well, everybody.

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Best Golf Accessories said...

Great post! I think his dinner choice of sushi, fajitas and milkshakes is fantastic. Wish I could have had that!!!