Thursday, May 28

GOLF.COM: '7 Course-Management Strategies to Use When Your Game Is Rusty'

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THIS IS A GOOD PIECE by Zephyr Melton at I like all seven tips.

Read the entire article here.

Here's a sample:
5. Write down a swing thought that works 
When you get a swing thought in your head that's producing results, grab a pen and write it down. In the middle of struggles, it can be difficult to quiet your mind and figure out what you need to do to produce solid contact, but if you have it written down it could save your round. Keep a log of a few checkpoints so next time you have a long layoff you won't be searching for those old results.
I'd take the tips in this article a step further.

They're not just good when you're rusty. I'd use them anytime. (Unless you're a low single-digit handicapper or a pro.)

Maybe one or two of them will help me tomorrow. That's when I'm heading out to the golf course for the first time this season.

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