Thursday, May 14

Single Mom Laura Baugh Played the LPGA Tour With Seven Kids Tagging Along

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LAURA BAUGH TURNED PRO IN 1973 and won Rookie of the Year.

In a Mother's Day story by Golfweek writer Beth Ann Nichols, Baugh tallked about the challenges of being a single mom of seven children while playing the LPGA Tour:
I was really in love with being a mom. We traveled in a large van and had great times, saw the Smithsonian. But my golf definitely suffered. A single mom with seven kids playing the LPGA tour sounds bizarre, but at the same time, we had great times.... 
Then, as the children got older, I thought, you don't want to homeschool and play professional golf and travel. I did everything. At one point there, I hired a nanny.... In the summertime, they all came out. Even when I went to Sweden and different places, I would take the bottom two with me. I was very much a hands-on mom. I always had children with me. It was a gift and a blessing that I didn’t expect to experience in life.
Now 64, Baugh lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and stays in shape by running "a lot."

Baugh said she gets a rush by hitting long drives. In the Senior Women's Open, she "hit it plenty long," probably 260. It was like, "My god, how did you bomb it so far?"

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