Thursday, June 4

Golf Channel's Damon Hack: 'Can I Be Both Thankful and Horrified?'

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DAMON HACK IS CO-ANCHOR of Morning Drive on Golf Channel. This week Hack, 48, published a short piece in the midst of worldwide protests related to the murder of George Floyd.

Here's an excerpt:
Can I be a smiling face on your TV and a somber soul when the camera is off?
Can I have laughter in the morning and tightness in my chest at night?
Can I talk Tiger and also talk about being pulled over on a California highway and the Jersey Turnpike, speeding neither time? ("Do you have drugs or weapons in your vehicle?" "No, sir. I'm just driving home from my summer internship." "Why am I being stopped, officer?" "Uh, there was a dog loose on the turnpike.")
In the below podcast (Episode 14), Hack told Geoff Shackelford the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

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