Friday, July 3

Golfworld: Charlie Rymer's 'Very Scary' Bout With COVID-19

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JOHN FEINSTEIN WROTE A GOLFWORLD STORY about former Golf Channel analyst Charlie Rymer and his recent illness with COVID-19 that put him in the hospital.

In June Rymer traveled to Chattanooga to do promotional work for a new golf course. Two days earlier he was at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. Rymer, 52, took precautions.
"I was very careful both places," he said. "Did the social distancing, wore a mask most of the time. I followed all the protocols. But I felt bad enough driving home that I pulled off the Interstate to a Walgreens to get some meds and buy a thermometer. I had a low-grade fever, but my first thought was I just had a bad cold or I was exhausted."
Things quickly went downhill, and with the urging of his wife, a nurse, Rymer headed to the hospital. He spent five days there.
"I'd be lying if I said there weren't nights where I lay there alone in the dark thinking some pretty depressing thoughts," he said. "I mean, I'm 52, and even though I've always been, let's say, a big guy, I've always been healthy. I'd never faced anything like this before. 
"I knew all the statistics. I knew that only 1.5 percent of people who contract the disease die. That sounds like pretty good odds until you're lying in a hospital bed all by yourself and you wonder if you're ever going to go home again. I was absolutely scared. There were a couple of times when I thought it might be time to call the boys and get them to come home."
Rymer is home, 20 pounds lighter and still weak, but very thankful.


Average Golfer said...

Regardless of statements, this stuff's real. My brother's an ER doc in CT. Anyone that's not convinced should just speak to him for 10 minutes. Glad to hear Charlie appears to have made it out.

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