Thursday, July 23

The Foursome (Trailer): A Short Film About a Small Town, Friendship, Potato Salad and Golf

"THE FOURSOME" FOLLOWS FOUR FRIENDS named Herb, Gary, Darrel and Bob through the days leading up to their 50th year entering the Waukon Men's Invitational in Iowa. The short film shows how golf can bring us together and keep us together.

More from the website:
"THE FOURSOME" is a short documentary about a remarkable friendship, forged by one of America's most beloved games. THE FOURSOME follows four aging friends as they prepare to head out for their 50th outing together and is an emotional and unflinching look at what it takes to keep friendship alive.
You can watch the entire film on YouTube (see below) for the next few weeks. It will be available digitally for purchase on Apple on August 18th.

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