Tuesday, August 11

Global Golf Post: ACC Plans to Play Football But Cancels Men's and Women's Golf

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THERE'S BEEN A LOT OF TALK in recent days about college football. In the midst of a surge of COVID-19 cases, will conferences go ahead with football this fall? Or will they cancel?

Some, like the Big Ten, Pac-12, Mountain West and Mid-American conferences, among others, have canceled the fall football season. (The Big Ten, for one, hopes to play football in the spring.)

According to a CNN report, the SEC, ACC and Big 12 are still deciding.

Jim Nugent of Global Golf Post wrote a week ago that the ACC was forging ahead, according to a news release from the conference. That could change given recent developments.

Some troubling news buried at the bottom of the release was that the ACC axed the men's and women's fall golf seasons. That's right, they'll play football but not that physically distanced, non-contact sport -- golf.

Nugent wrote:
We all know the underly rationale here. It is the almighty dollar, which serves as the foundation for all intercollegiate sports programs, golf included. If there is no football in the ACC, athletic departments will crater. It is the doomsday scenario. So football must be played, even if the schedule is modified and scaled back a bit. 
Nonetheless, the college golf coaches community was aghast upon hearing the news. "Troubling" is what one person said to me. "Concerning" came from another. "Insane" was the strongest comment I got -- and perhaps the most on point.
This "first domino to topple," as Nugent noted, could make it easier for other conferences to take the same action with their golf programs.

It's the times we live in. Yes, COVID-19 is a serious threat and caution is warranted.

But haven't we learned that golf is one sport that can be safely played during the pandemic?

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