Thursday, August 6

MORNING READ: 'Greatest Stretch of Golf in the History of the Game'

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IN MORNING READ, VETERAN GOLF SCRIBE Gary Van Sickle wrote about the beginning of an unprecedented stretch of major events in the men's game.

Beginning with the PGA Championship that started today in San Francisco, seven majors will be played in the next 11 months. It has been more than a year since the last major. That was the Open Championship won by Irishman Shane Lowry.

Now, as Van Sickle wrote, "[T]he majors are stacked up like so many Pringles chips in the familiar tall red container."

He turned to Jim "Hello Friends" Nantz for context:
CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz put it into perspective in a pre-PGA teleconference: "We are about to enter, starting Thursday, the greatest stretch of golf in the history of the game. In an 11-month stretch, we are going to have seven major championships. We are going to have the playoffs. That includes two Masters, two PGA Championships, the Players Championship. And if you're hot … you have a chance to make your career in the next 11 months." 
Nantz put just the right amount of polish on this bannister. It's not hype; it's just fact.
But is it hype?

Yeah, at least some. That's to be expected.

After the "gold rush" of majors, there will also be golf in the Olympics and the Ryder Cup. So, yes, it will be quite a stretch.

And as Van Sickle and Nantz opined, it will be an opportune time for a player to play the best golf of his life.

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