Thursday, January 21

Tiger Woods After 5th Back Surgery: 2021 Schedule and More Are Big Question Marks

THE YEAR 2021 LOOKS UNCERTAIN for the competitive career of Tiger Woods, who recently turned 45. A fifth back surgery has put golf on the shelf for now. Tiger's return will depend on another recovery and training period of unknown duration.

Tiger took advantage of the time he bought from 2018-20 by winning three times (including the Masters!). He ascended the mountain again, and now the cost of that surgery is starting to creep back in. The cost was already high as rehabilitation and physical therapy were no doubt incredibly painful, but the future cost was unknown ... until now.

And while the nature of this most recent surgery seems relatively minor compared to the spinal fusion, questions remain. One, when will he return, and what kind of shape will he be in when he does given that he'll be 46 this calendar year? Two, his game was already pretty mediocre in 2020 with (apparently) decent health, so where will it be at after this? Three, how many more surgeries will there be in the future?

As in the past with Tiger Woods, there are far more questions than answers.

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