Wednesday, March 10

TOURISM IRELAND VIDEO: Actor and Irishman Pierce Brosnan Waxes Poetic About His Native Land

WHO KNOWS WHEN INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL will be both safe and feasible. Or when golf tourism will relaunch like a Bryson DeChambeau tee shot.

We're getting closer. I know that.

In the meantime, here's actor Pierce Brosnan to put us in the mood for destinations like Ireland, where the golf is said to be legendary.

From Tourism Ireland:

The former James Bond star opens aptly with, "What’s not to love about Ireland? This tiny island has shown the greatest gift of poetry and storytelling".

He goes on to wax lyrical about his love for his native land, speaking over stunning shots of Ross Castle in County Meath, the Kerry coastline, its main town Dingle, the famous Ring of Kerry, the mountainous Reeks District and the much loved Skellig Islands lying off the coast, which featured in the Star Wars movie franchise.

The Hollywood star adds: "What do I miss about Ireland? It's the people. The sheer stamina and life force of Irish people from this great, beautiful landscape".

"I'm a Navan man, County Meath. I left Ireland when I was a boy, I was 11. So, over these many decades now going back there's always something great to discover".

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Joe Nathan said...

Agreed Ireland is terrific - and the people are very welcoming. I played golf twice in Ireland and found a way, wonderful welcome from golfers there. A special thanks to members at the Killarney Golf & Fishing Club. Stunning beautiful course (actually 2 courses) and welcome to an unknown American (me) that was deeply appreciated.

Yes, there are famous, expensive courses. Killarney is famous but not expensive - and as noted, the people are wonderful.