Thursday, May 6

Golf Digest Cover Story and Interview: 'Who Is the Real Patrick Reed?'

PATRICK REED SAT DOWN WITH GOLF DIGEST to answer questions about his image, his critics and more.

When asked if he felt like the media had treated him unfairly, Reed said, "I do. I think a lot has been miscontrued, unwarranted."

As for explaining himself as a player and a man, he told Golf Digest

There are three types of players on tour. The chatty guy who's always smiling and waving because that's how he plays his best. There's the guy who wears emotion on his sleeve, lets everyone know when he’s playing well and throws clubs when he’s not. The third guy has tunnel vision and blocks out everything around him. That's how I’ve tried to be, and this ability to flip the switch and focus is why I've been successful. But it's led to this false narrative that I don't interact with other players.

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antonio said...

Interesantísima entrevista al hombre. Enhorabuena.