Sunday, May 16

Update for Followers: Some Housekeeping at ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG

Hi. Thanks for reading ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG.

1. If you've visited here in recent days, you may have received a security warning about this site (url address: I did on Friday. I have since made adjustments to ensure this site's url is secure. Please continue to read ARMCHAIR GOLF.

2. In the next few days, I'll be changing my subscription service from Feedburner to Why? Because Feedburner (by Google) is going away soon.

Please note: If you're already a subscriber, you will be moved to You may receive notifications from both services for a short time as I go through the process of migrating to and deactivating Feedburner. Please hang in there with me. Thanks in advance for your patience.

3. If you're new, I invite you to follow by entering your email in the green box at right →

That way you won't miss anything here at ARMCHAIR GOLF!

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